Augmentation rhinoplasty

Our Clinical Practice in Nose Reduction Surgery

During the initial consultation, our plastic surgeon analyses all parts of your nose and its proportion to the other facial features. A nose operation, after all, has to fulfill aesthetic as well as functional criteria. Before the operation, some pictures of the patient’s nose profile will be taken and your plastic surgeon tests whether the nasal mucous membrane and breathing function are all intact.

In our practice, nose reduction surgery or reduction rhinoplasty is done under general anesthetics at our affiliated hospital in Phuket, not at the clinic. The reduction rhinoplasty usually takes 2–3 hours at the operating theatre and at least one night of hospitalization.

Rhinoplasty is the medical term for a ‘Nose Job’. The nose begins to grow significantly at the age of 13 or 14. Girl’s noses stop growing around the age of 16 whilst boy’s nose around 19. An operation should never be considered before the natural growth spurt has ended. Rhinoplasties are among the most popular yet most challenging operations. Basically, the nose can be reduced, augmented, widened, narrowed, straightened and reshaped by correcting the bones and the cartilage.

Get Educated in Reduction Rhinoplasty

The Surgery: Reduction Rhinoplasty reduces the size of the framework of the nose over which the skin is draped. Nose Reduction surgery effectively narrows the width of the nose and when you have some difficulty breathing through your nose, a septoplasty maybe done at same time by adjusting the plate of the bone (nasal septum) which separates one half of your nose from the other. Alarplasty can also be done at the same time as reduction rhinoplasty wherein it reduces the width of the nasal base to narrow the span of the nostrils.

The Incision Site: Tiny incisions are made in the mucous membrane directly behind the nostrils, avoiding any visible scar. Through these incisions, the plastic surgeon can reduce nose bumps, correct unsightly nose tips or enlarge a saddle nose with bone or cartilage material. The skin naturally realigns to the new shape of nose.

Get Ready For The Big Day (Before, During & After)

Before Operation

  • 2 Weeks Before: Stop smoking well in advance of surgery. Stop taking Aspirin, herbal or diet supplements and certain anti-inflammatory drugs as taking these substances can cause increase bleeding.
  • Consultation Day : Prepare for basic pre-operative medical check up and discuss expectations with your plastic surgeon. The surgeon may take photographs before and after surgery and keep the photos in your medical record
  • 24 hours and 12 hours Before: Wash face with anti-bacterial soap on the night before and in the morning of your surgery.
  • 8 hours Before Operation: No food or drink, take off jewelries, nail colors on hand & feet

During Operation:

  • The nose reduction surgery usually takes 2-3 hours however you will be observed for an hour until stable.
  • After your surgery, an occlusive dressing is placed on the ridge of your nose to minimize swelling and hematoma formation.
  • Immediately after nose surgery, a splint (cast) is usually applied to the nose to maintain the shape. Nasal packs also may be placed in the nostrils to stabilize the modified bone and cartilage.
  • After your nose reduction surgery, you will be given a potent intravenous painkiller continuously. Some patients are sensitive to the painkiller and might develop nausea so please inform our nursing staff once you wake up feeling sick in the room.

After Operation

24 hours after surgery: Your nose and eyes will be swollen and bruised, and your face may look puffy. You may experience varying degrees of swelling which will be soothed with cooling pads in the first 24 hours and switched to warm pads in the next 24 hours. Discomfort and pain will be controlled by oral medication. Sleep with a raised pillow or keep head elevated.

On Discharge Day: You will be given a written instruction on when to take your antibiotics, anti-inflammatory and analgesic pills and you’ll be advised on the date of your follow-up.

3 – 4 Days: Your follow-up visit and removal of stitches. You are expected to stay in Phuket for at least 5 – 7 days. You can resume daily activities provided you will wear sun glasses when outdoors. The nasal packs and splint will be removed at your first post operative day 3 and 6 respectively.

1 Week After: Bruises and swelling will gradually disappear in 7-10 days. The swelling and discoloration increase in the first few days and then will subside after the first week or so.

2 Weeks After: Kissing is not allowed and no hot bath until 14 days. Sports, sunbathing and heavy spectacle frames are not allowed for 6-8 weeks. The last swellings disappear no earlier than six months after the operation.

The Nose Reduction Surgery Package

Full payment of the operating expenses must be paid in full before the operation. This package is applicable for elective, uncomplicated patients only.

Package Includes:
Doctor’s fee, anesthetics, operating theater charges, medical supplies and special equipments, hospital private room accommodation for 1 nights and routine in-patient medications related to the procedure, regular food menu, nursing and room services, basic preoperative check-up (routine blood test, EKG, Chest X ray), home medications and doctor’s fee on follow-up visit.

Package Excludes:
Charges for in-patient stays in excess of 1 nights, charges for intensive care, when necessary, outpatient expenses incurred before admission, telephone charges and guest meals, any other charges for laboratory profiles and medications not related to the procedure, other specialist consultation and charges related to underlying condition such as Diabetes, Asthma, Hypertension, Drug Allergy, Heart Disease.

The Long Term Result of Reduction Rhinoplasty

It is highly recommended for patients to stay in Phuket or nearby places for at least 10-14 days because reduction rhinoplasty surgery is an aesthetic reconstructive procedure rather than purely aesthetics. Since this is a complex operation requiring highly technical skills which have variable presentations in each patient with high chances of developing early post-operative complications, it would be beneficial when our surgeon could closely follow-up and monitor your recovery while you’re still in Phuket. There are no promises for the results as the outcome varies in each individual patient and it will take many months to see the result. In the event that the patient requires additional operations, there will be no doctor’s fee; however, the patient must pay for the operating room charges, anesthesia and hospital fee.

However like any surgical procedure, nose reduction surgery is also associated with certain number of risks and complications despite maximum care. The operative risks are not to be underestimated! In the first two weeks after the operation, breathing difficulties may be experienced. Our team takes every precaution possible to prevent and minimize the risks of surgery. However, much of the responsibility for risk avoidance rests with you as well.

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