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Breast Lift in Our Practice
  • As women age, the breasts may begin to sag or become ptotic. This process is often accelerated by pregnancy and nursing. Mastopexy, or breast lift, may be performed to enhance the shape of the breast and create a more youthful contour and appearance.
  • Patients that are healthy,have reasonable expectations from the surgery and understand the advantages and disadvantages of the surgery are a good candidate for a breast lift.
  • Multiple techniques may be used, depending on the nature and degree of ptosis. Breast implants are sometimes used in conjunction with mastopexy, or even as an alternative to mastopexy for correction of modest ptosis (also termed pseudoptosis)
  • The treatment depends on the degree of breast sagging. Cosmetic surgeons determine the degree of Ptosis according to the position of the nipple relative to that of the inframammary fold, which is under the breast. Officially, a young breast that is not sagging is defined as one where the nipple sits above the level of the Inframammary fold, where the bra wire goes.

  • For the operation,there are several important decisions to be made. On the consultation, each patient is carefully examined and advised about the most suitable options for the patient .Careful clinical measurements of the chest and breast are an essential part of the evaluation. Women must consider a combination of incision and implant types.

  • There are several options used for breast lift surgery such as the
1. Periareolar around the outside of the areola
2. Periareolar with vertical limb around the outside of the areola and a straight down incision (often called a “popsicle” incision)
3. Inverted T inframammary incision with a vertical incision from the middle of the inframammary fold to the aerola.This procedure is used when sagging is extreme

In individual cases,the breast lift can be combined with an implant for added breast olume.Silicone implant is often used to offer a superior result combined with mastopexy. There is less recurrence of glandular and implant sag and better maintenance of the upper fullness of the breast.

  • All of our Breast augmentation procedures are performed under general anesthetics in our affiliated hospitals,not at the clinic.

  • The patient will be admitted in the private room and operated in the same day ,with 2 night hospitalization..

  • The full payment of the operating expenses ,which includes the doctor fee,anesthetics, fee,operating fee,hospital accommodation,basic preoperative check-ups(routine blood test, EKG, Chest x ray ) and home medications,must be required before the operation.

  • If any underlying abnormality is detected,special investigations and consultations must be required with additional expenses.

Pre-op preparation
Pre-op preparation. Besides the checkup ,the patient must inform us about any medical condition,drug allergies and medical treatment reiceved. The patients must stop taking Aspirin, Inflamamatory drugs(such as Ibuprofen), herbal or drug supplements at least 2 weeks before the operation. No drinking or eating is permitted at least 6-8 hours before the operation. Anti bacterial soap might be used on the night and moring of the surgery.
  • The surgery usually takes 4-6 hour and the patient will be observed until stable after the operataion ,then moved to their private room.

  • The might be small drains retained to drain the blood on both sides.. The drains will be left one night and removed on the next day.

  • After the surgery,all of our patient will be given a potent intravenous pain killer continuosly. However, some patients might be sensitive to the pain killer and might develop nausea, so please inform our nursing staff .

  • On the next day, the patient is allowed to leave, the wound will be dressed and we will allow the patient to wear a support bra with a elastic bandaged wrapped on top. On leaving the patient will be given the antibiotic, anti inflammatory and analgesic pills.

  • The patient should clean themselves by using towels and avoid swimming until the follow up appointment, However if the dressing is very dirty , the patient should come over to change the dressing before the scheduled appointment.

  • During the first week, the patient is allowed to have light exercises and can use a soft sports bra, which depends on the condition of the patient.

  • The pain on the first 1-2 weeks varies, but mostly can be controlled by the given medications

  • Most of patients, have a scheduled follow up appointment in the first week after the operation to remove the stitches(if required) and taught the breast massage maneuvers.

  • In good breast lift candidates,some can leave Phuket around 5 days. However we prefer our patient to stay nearby for follow up and recuperate at least 7 to 14 days.

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