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As a general rule, “ No key fits every lock ”. To achieve a well-augmented natural looking breast, good patient - doctor communication is the key.

Choosing the right size implant is the most important decision a patient and the plastic surgeon will make.

When the breast implants are too large for your breast tissue, the implants’ edges may be visible through your skin after your plastic surgery or the implant may be easily detected. It may also increase the effects of gravity on your body that may cause your breasts to prematurely droop or sag.

Therefore before your breast augmentation, some crucial parameters need to be measured for selecting the proper breast implants such as the patient’s height, breast width, chest wall diameter, shoulder –to- hip ratio and skin thickness.

In our practice, we require a routine pre-operative health check-up to exclude serious underlying medical illness that may cause some complications during or after the operation. Breast augmentation is a major plastic surgery operation done under general anesthetics in our affiliated hospitals in Phuket, not at the clinic. You will be admitted in the hospital’s private room and operated on the same day. The surgery usually takes 2 hours at the operating theatre and in most cases patients can be discharged the next day after the surgery.

We prefer to use the highly recommended Cohesive Round Silicone Gel Breast Implant either textured or smooth manufactured by Mentor or Inamed. These breast implants are produced under strict quality control with a thicker casing containing cohesive silicone gel that reduces the chance of implant rupture and hard capsule formation. The gel also feels more like natural breast tissue. Due to the high rate of deflation and visible ripples, we rarely use saline breast implants

Get Educated in Breast Augmentation

The Surgery: Breast Enlargement also called as Augmentation Mammaplasty is one of the most commonly requested cosmetic surgery at our clinic, performed by using breast implants designed to increase the size of small or underdeveloped breasts or to restore and enhance breast volume in post-breastfeeding mothers.

The Incision Site: There are 3 different ways of inserting and positioning your breast implant where the incision will be made. Each site of implant insertion has advantages and disadvantages that will be discussed during consultation.
  • Breast Crease: Personally, I think this is the best site of breast implant insertion and has the advantage of being the most direct approach with good exposure to the breast thus bleeding can be easily controlled. It also conceals the scar in the breast crease. Generally, the only people who ever see the scar is the patient and her partner.
  • Armpit: I use this technique in patients who do not want any scars on the breast at all. The incision is in one of the skin creases in the armpit where it is invisible. However it may be visible if the patient wears strapless dress or when the patient has keloid-prone skin.
  • Around the Nipple (Peri-Areolar Incision): I prefer to use this incision site in women who have large areola and in women who use small to medium size breast implants with good healing scars. In some patients, the nipple sensation might be altered as compared to other incisions.
The Placement of Implants: Breast implants are either placed under the muscles (sub-pectoral space) or above the muscles (sub-glandular space). The decision of where to place the breast implants depends on the breast shape you desire, the thickness and tone of your skin, the bulkiness of your breast tissue, the thickness of your pectoralis muscles, the tightness of your breast folds and the type of implant to be used. The plastic surgeon will thoroughly discuss implant placement after physical examination.

The main advantage of under the muscle placement is the slightly lesser chance of breast implant hardening (capsular contracture), no impediment of breastfeeding and it also prevents the edges of the breast implant being visible through the skin; whereas, the above the muscle placement has advantages in improving the upper half of the breast to be fuller and can narrow the breast cleavage as desired in some patients with less post-operative pain.

Know Your Breast Implant Choice

The Implant: Breast implants are medical devices with a solid silicone, rubber shell. The implant shell may be filled with either saline solution (sterile salt water) or elastic silicone gel. Both saline and silicone gel breasts implants are approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The size of a breast implant is measured in cubic centimeters (cc) based on the volume of the saline or silicone filler. Breast implants maybe smooth or textured, round or teardrop in shape and has low, medium or high profile. Generally, we prefer to use round, textured or smooth surface cohesive gel breast implants. However, teardrop breast implants are sometimes recommended.

The Implant Life: Life expectancy of breast implants is influenced by the reaction of your body to the implant, the lifestyle you lead and your occupation. You would probably get about 10 years or more in the life expectancy of cohesive gel breast implants. When there is no change in the shape of your breast, no evidence of rupture or capsular formation, there is no need to change the implant. This is despite however long the implant has been in the breast.

Get Ready For The Big Day (Before, During & After)

Before Operation

  • 2 Weeks Before: Stop smoking well in advance of surgery. Stop taking Aspirin, herbal or diet supplements and certain anti-inflammatory drugs as taking these substances can cause increase bleeding.
  • On Consultation Day: Prepare for medical check up, physical exam and discuss expectations, your medical history such as any drug or food allergies, underlying medical conditions and on-going medical treatments to the plastic surgeon. The surgeon may take photographs before and after surgery and keep the photos in your medical record.
  • 24 hours and 12 hours Before: Use antibacterial soap and allow the soap lather to cover the skin of the surgical area for 10 minutes on the night before your surgery and in the morning of your surgery. Scrub chest, both breasts and armpits with anti-bacterial soap
  • 8 hours Before Operation: No food or drink, take off jewelries, nail colors on hand and feet

During Operation:

  • The surgery usually takes 2 hours however you will be observed in the recovery room for an hour or two until stable before being moved back to your private room.
  • Small drains might be retained to drain blood on both sides; it will be left for one night and your chest will be wrapped in elastic bandage.
  • After your surgery, you will be given a potent intravenous painkiller continuously. Some patients are sensitive to the painkiller and might develop nausea so please inform our nursing staff once you wake up feeling sick in the room.

After Operation

24 hours after Operation: Your wound will be dressed, drains and intravenous painkillers will be taken out and you will be discharged when you are feeling well

On Discharge: You will be given a written instruction on when to take your antibiotics, anti-inflammatory and analgesic pills and you’ll be advised on the date of your follow-up visit.

First Week After: You will be ask to avoid swimming, only light exercise and you may be allowed to use a soft sports bra. The swelling in your breasts may take three to five weeks to disappear.

7 days After: Your follow-up visit and removal of stitches. You are expected to stay in Phuket for at least 7 – 10 days. Feel free to contact our office by email anytime once you are back home in your country.

The Breast Augmentation Package

Full payment of the operating expenses must be paid in full before the operation. This package is applicable for elective, uncomplicated patients only.

Package Includes:
Doctor’s fee, anesthetics, operating theater charges, medical supplies and special equipments, cohesive round silicone gel breast implant, hospital private room accommodation for 1 night and routine in-patient medications related to the procedure, regular food menu, nursing and room services, basic preoperative check-up (routine blood test, EKG, Chest X ray), home medications and doctor’s fee on follow-up visit.

Package Excludes:
Charges for in-patient stays in excess of 1 night, charges for intensive care, when necessary, outpatient expenses incurred before admission, telephone charges and guest meals, any other charges for laboratory profiles and medications not related to the procedure, other specialist consultation and charges related to underlying condition such as Diabetes, Asthma, Hypertension, Thyroid, Drug Allergy, Heart Disease, etc.

The Long Term Result of Breast Augmentation

In good candidates, we can guarantee the best outcome in breast augmentation will be visible after 1 year. Like any surgical procedure, breast augmentation is also associated with certain number of risks and complications despite maximum care. Possible complications include bleeding, infection, delayed healing and may occur in well below one percent of the cases. Our Team takes every precaution possible to prevent and minimize the risks of surgery. However, much of the responsibility for risk avoidance rests with you as well.

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