Breast lift with Augmentation

Our Clinical Practice in Breast Lift with Augmentation

In our practice, we usually recommend breast lift with augmentation in one operation setting for patients with extremely sagging breasts as breast lift alone may not produce the desired shape or may not improve your figure. Although breast implants may help lift the breast by increasing the breast’s volume, some women choose to have a breast lift, or mastopexy, in conjunction with their decision for breast augmentation.

To achieve a well-lifted and augmented breast, good patient - doctor communication is the key.  Upon consultation, each patient is carefully examined and measurements of the chest and breast are an essential part of the evaluation. Your cosmetic surgeon will determine the degree of breast ptosis according to the position of the nipple relative to the infra-mammary fold that is under the breast. Breast lift with augmentation surgery provides an optimally superior result.

Before the procedure, we require a routine pre-operative health check-up to exclude serious underlying medical illness that may cause some complications during or after the operation. Breast lift with augmentation surgery is a major cosmetic surgery done under general anesthetics in our affiliated hospitals in Phuket, not at the clinic. You will be admitted in the hospital’s private room and operated on the same day with 2 - 3 nights of hospitalization.

Get Educated in Breast Lift with Augmentation

The Surgery: Augmentation Mastopexy or breast lift with breast augmentation is a combined aesthetic surgery performed in one operation to enhance and lift the breasts and create a youthful contour and appearance. Depending upon the degree of sagging, a number of different techniques can be used during the combined breast augmentation and breast lift surgery. These may include the removal of excess skin from around the areola and from the bottom of the breast to tighten the skin when the breast implant device is inserted. In doing so, the position of the nipple can be elevated for a more youthful appearance while the added volume produces a smoothing of the skin.

However, Augmentation-Mastopexy is a more complex procedure than either breast augmentation or mastopexy performed individually. Since the operation both increases breast size and corrects breast ptosis in one surgical procedure, the combination has been considered to be associated with increased risk of complications.

The Incision Site: While some surgeons suggest a staged-approach with breast augmentation followed by mastopexy, we prefer to perform augmentation mastopexy as a single technique which is an attractive alternative to two operations. The principles include initial insertion of the implant in either the sub-glandular or sub-muscular implant insertion position followed by mastopexy in which the incision is mostly around the nipple with a vertical limb or sometimes an inverted-T incision is used based on the degree of ptosis and the size of the patient’s breast.
  • Peri-areolar with vertical limb: Around the outside of the areola and a straight down incision.
  • Inverted T Infra-mammary: Vertical incision from the middle of the infra-mammary fold to the areola. This procedure is often used when sagging is extreme.

Get Ready For The Big Day (Before, During & After)

Before Operation

2 Weeks Before: Stop smoking well in advance of surgery. Stop taking Aspirin, Herbal or diet supplements and certain anti-inflammatory drugs as taking these substances can cause increase bleeding. 

On Consultation Day:  Prepare for medical check up, physical exam and discuss expectations, your medical history such as any drug or food allergies, underlying medical conditions and on-going medical treatments to the plastic surgeon. The surgeon may take photographs before and after surgery and keep the photos in your medical record.

24 hours and 12 hours Before: Scrub chest, both breasts and armpits with anti-bacterial soap for 10 minutes on the night before and in the morning of your surgery.

8 hours Before Operation: No food or drink, take off jewelries, nail colors on hand & feet

During Operation:

  • The breast lift with augmentation surgery usually takes 4-6 hours however you will be observed in the recovery room for an hour or two until stable before being moved back to your private room.
  • Small drains might be retained to drain blood on both sides; it will be left for one night and your chest will be wrapped in elastic bandage.
  • After your surgery, you will be given a potent intravenous painkiller continuously. Some patients are sensitive to the painkiller and might develop nausea so please inform our nursing staff once you wake up feeling sick in the room

After Operation

24 - 48 hours after Operation: You will be encouraged to ambulate as soon as you can manage.

On the 3rd Day: Your wound will be dressed, drains and intravenous painkillers will be taken out and you will be discharged when you are feeling well.

On Discharge: You will be given a written instruction on when to take your antibiotics, anti-inflammatory and analgesic pills and you’ll be advised on the date of your follow-up visit.

7 days After: Your follow-up visit and removal of stitches. You are expected to stay in Phuket for at least 7 – 10 days to recuperate well. You will also be taught proper breasts massage maneuver.

1st – 2nd Week After: You will be asked to avoid swimming, only light exercise and you may be allowed to use a soft sports bra. Pain may vary however can be controlled by medications. The swelling in your breasts may take three to five weeks to disappear. Feel free to contact our office by email anytime once you are back home in your country.

Breast Lift with Augmentation Package

Full payment of the operating expenses must be paid in full before the operation. This package is applicable for elective, uncomplicated patients only.

Package Includes:
Doctor’s fee, Breasts Implants cost, anesthetics, operating theater charges, medical supplies and special equipments, hospital private room accommodation for 2-3 nights and routine in-patient medications related to the procedure, regular food menu, nursing and room services, basic preoperative check-up (routine blood test, EKG, Chest X ray), home medications and doctor’s fee on follow-up visit.

Package Excludes:
Charges for in-patient stays in excess of 2-3 nights, charges for intensive care, when necessary, outpatient expenses incurred before admission, telephone charges and guest meals, any other charges for laboratory profiles and medications not related to the procedure, other specialist consultation and charges related to underlying condition such as Diabetes, Asthma, Hypertension, Drug Allergy, Heart Disease.

The Long Term Result of Breast Lift with Augmentation

It is highly recommended for patients to stay in Phuket or nearby places for at least 10-14 days because breast lift and augmentation surgery is an aesthetic reconstructive procedure rather than purely aesthetics. Since this is a complex operation requiring highly technical skills which have variable presentations in each patient with high chances of developing early post-operative complications, it would be beneficial when our surgeon could closely follow-up and monitor your recovery while you’re still in Phuket. There are no promises for the results as the outcome varies in each individual patient and it will take many months to see the result. In the event that the patient requires additional operations, there will be no doctor’s fee; however, the patient must pay for the operating room charges, anesthesia and hospital fee. 

Like any surgical procedure, breast lift with augmentation is also associated with certain number of risks and complications despite maximum care. Possible complications include bleeding, infection and delayed healing. Our Team takes every precaution possible to prevent and minimize the risks of surgery. However, much of the responsibility for risk avoidance rests with you as well.

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